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We work with researchers who want to use game data. We also partner with game studios to make data from their games available to partner with researchers.

Add your game to OGD

If you have a game that you would like to add to open game data we can support this. We will do the development. We can also design studies and implement the code needed to cultivate the data or help you build relationships with other researchers. We are a conduit for relationships between game studios and researchers. The cost is much less than setting up a research team in-house.

Use OGD for your research

You can use the data for free right now to get started with your analysis. If you want to design an experiment that requires a change to the game, get involved in the google community or contact us.

Cite OGD in your projects

Gagnon, D., Swanson, L. (2023). Open Game Data: A Technical Infrastructure for Open Science with Educational Games. In: Haahr, M., Rojas-Salazar, A., Göbel, S. (eds) Serious Games. JCSG 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 14309. Springer, Cham.

Include us on your research grants

Any large scale use of this project that will require support from our lab should include us in the grant. Using this data for larger scale projects will require support from our team. Please set up a meeting with us before including OGD in your grants.

Conference Travel Grant

We want to support publication and dissemination of this research and we are offering travel grants to support this.

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